Blogging Like a Pro. Where Do I Start?!

When it was brought to my attention that I should write a blog, I thought, “No. Should I? Really? No, I shouldn’t. Why? Okay, I’m doing it. I’m going to write a blog.”

So here I am, a couple of years in to writing my blog and I have received the most positive feedback.

The blog was born from my podcast, Today’s Talk with Erika. Much like the show, the blog encompasses all different ventures in life. I’ve written about catching a wild turkey to resilience from when life gets stupid. But coming out on top is the best feeling. And that’s why my next blog, in collaboration with Meredith Kimmel, ACC, is about “Victory.”

Check out how Jessica Bishop does blogging:

You never realize how many people relate, how many people really feel like you’re specifically talking to them, until you put it out there and the response comes pouring in. And that’s how my podcast grew. My blog grew, therefore, my podcast grew. And I never would have known how these things unravel and flow if I hadn’t just started somewhere.

So, here’s my moral to this story…

Start. Start that blog. Start that podcast. Start at whatever you’ve been afraid of doing and I promise the right people, the right resources, the right timing will unfold in front of you, as it did for me.

Here’s how to write your first blog:

My career in voice work began in 2001. I have been “the voice” for hundreds of companies nationwide. I now record and produce projects for companies across the nation.

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