Hanging In the Balance. Part II

This is a collaboration blog by Erika Del Sordo and Meredith Kimmel, ACC.  This blog can also be found at www.MeredithKimmel.com

A couple of weeks ago, Meredith and I wrote about “Balance” (https://todaystalkwitherika.com/todays-talk-blog/hanging-in-the-balance-without-balance-something-is-bound-to-fall/.) It was more about work and self-care. THIS week, we want to elaborate on the meaning of the word Balance.What is Balance?

Dictionary.com describes Balance as “noun. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc. something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc. a state of bodily equilibrium: He lost his balance and fell down the stairs.”

Meredith and I own our own businesses. It’s VERY easy to get lost in our work. ESPECIALLY when you are your own paycheck. But again, this word “Balance” goes beyond work/life. In recent weeks I have had several people contact me about how stressed they are with work, the start of school for the kids, the kids not starting school because of COVID and the passing of their friends and family from COVID. MENTALLY THAT IS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH TO PROCESS. It’s overwhelming.

Sit back. Breathe.

Now, right here is where some who know me closely are saying, “Erika, you’ve been severely overwhelmed and there were moments it wasn’t so graceful.” Yes, that is true! BUT, the mere fact that I’m still here writing this blog and coaching others about how to create Balance in their lives is a true testament to the fact that I know how to reign those emotions in, reset, reevaluate, prioritize and BALANCE. (I could use a vacation though!)

So let’s pull one of the sentences above from the Dictionary.com definition and elaborate on that.
“Mental steadiness or emotional stability. Habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.” -THIS right here is what needs to be worked on.

This week was the celebration of Labor Day. Many folks DID get to enjoy a three- or four-day weekend. Here’s what I want to tell you……………
Do not wait for a federally recognized holiday to take a break. Create those breaks when necessary. Seriously.

Balance comes from knowing when to STOP everything and go away. Go away in a good book. Go away to your favorite television show or favorite movie. Go away to the mountains or the beach. Balance life’s moments of insanity and immediately recognize your priorities in life and go there.

I can tell you from personal experience that God ALWAYS has your back. If you believe and give praise and have faith, He guides EVERY step of the way. Stay in prayer.

When Meredith and I were talking the other day, she shared that this week is not only the celebration of Labor Day, her and her family are celebrating Rosh Hashanah. So – I believe I’ve talked enough. I would like to pass things over to my blog partner and friend, Meredith Kimmel, ACC to share her thoughts on this week’s version of the meaning of “Balance.”

Meredith’s Thoughts on Balance

Thank you, Erika, my friend for your thoughts on “Balance”.  I find it very timely that Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah fell at the same time this year.  In the Jewish faith, the High Holy Days, which include Rosh Hashanah are a time to reflect on the year that has passed and ask God for forgiveness of one’s sins.  It is also the start of the Jewish calendar, this year is 5782.  I always believe that the new year is a time to take stock of where you are in life and see what changes you want to make, or what goals you want to set.  It is a time for reflection.  I also feel that Labor Day is much the same way.  We work very hard every day, and our Federal Government provides us with a holiday to remind us of our hard work.  Labor Day is a time for reflection as well.

As I think about these two holidays falling on the same day, I reflect that over the past year, I realized that I put a lot of focus on my business, as Erika said, we both own our own businesses.  As that is my paycheck it makes sense that I focus on my business, but I have also realized that I need to take a step back and give myself some time to focus on my personal needs.

Tips for Finding Balance

I want to share some tips for finding Balance:

  1. Count to 10 while taking long deep breaths.
  2. Get plenty of exercise.
  3. Take breaks and get up from your computer when at work.  This is especially important if you are still working from home.  Move away from your desk.
  4. Get plenty of sleep.
  5. Develop and maintain a self-care routine.
  6. Take that vacation.
  7. Stay present and focus on the positive. 
  8. Smile.
  9. Count your accomplishments and your blessings.
  10. Recognize that not everything needs to get done, and you don’t have to be everything to all people.

Finding balance isn’t necessarily easy, but it is extremely important in order to keep a healthy mental and physical state.


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