How quickly you recover from life’s difficulties is your RESILIENCE

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“What if, when life got extraordinarily difficult, I became extraordinarily stronger with an impenetrable foundation? -Erika Del Sordo

Seriously? What if?

The specific definition for “Resilience” is: “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.”

Here’s how resilience feels:

Seems like an impossible feat for a tiny flower to grow through rocks and rough terrain, but THAT is truly when the toughest shine through. Nothing can stop you!

Let’s dissect this:

Have you ever applied for a job, only to have the manager tell you that you don’t have enough experience? Well, Resilience is kind of like that. You do have to have some life experience to know Resilience. To know that things always get better. And they get better a million-fold. Always.

Bring yourself to that mindset. Believe me, YOU have what it takes to be more than your current situation. If you keep your mind from wandering to a dark place, from negativity and from negative self-talk, you can overcome the mental state of drudgery and physically place yourself in a positive mental capacity to achieve bigger and better things.

Life Transformation Coach, Meredith Kimmel, ACC gives us a more in depth look at Resilience:

I look at Resilience as a tool that we are blessed with.  We have very few guarantees in life, but we do know that we will all experience hardships, including breakups of relationships, deaths of friends and loved ones, and anything else that causes you to be sad or negative.  However, another guarantee that we have is Resilience.

This is innate to human beings and in my opinion, we were given this tool by our creator to help us get though these difficult times.  We weren’t given a manual about how to tackle a tough situation, but we were given resilience.

Resilience allows us to have hope and hope is a way out of a difficult or sad situation.  There is no correct timeline for how to manage and process grief or any other negative emotion. 

We can also call on our tool of resilience when we experience a future difficulty.  You can say to yourself, “I got through that (whatever that may be for you) years ago, and now I’m faced with a similar situation.  What tools can I use to get through this, what did I learn from past events?”  This type of self-talk will help you process your emotions and grow.

Growth is wonderful and we should all strive for constant self-evolution.  I always say that the moment I stop learning is the same moment I take my last breath.

When you feel like you no longer want to go on and you just want to cancel all of the hard work you’ve put into everything, BUT YOU DON’T – YOU PUSH HARDER, that’s Resilience.

Remember, each difficult situation is a chance to grow.  One of my favorite acronyms is FAIL meaning First Attempt in Learning.  What happens after you give up after the first attempt? You are closing off a future learning.  It really wasn’t until I started coaching for a living that I realized that you don’t need to be a perfectionist and you can get things wrong.  But make sure you learn the lesson and apply it to future situations.

Life is a constant lesson and be open to learning.  Clean your mind of can’t. Push yourself.  Achieve all of your dreams.  You’ve come this far, you can definitely go further. Be kind to yourself, you deserve to give yourself that gift and keep up the excellent work!!

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