My Story of NOT giving up.

On March 23, 2020 I did something that was way out of my comfort zone. I started a video and audio podcast.

To some, that part about me being way out of my comfort zone may be surprising. Sure I started my journey in Broadcasting in 2001. Sure I’ve voiced for companies nationwide for 20 years. Sure I was on the #1 News Station in South Florida as a morning show traffic reporter for 15 years. But being on camera hosting my own show WAS new to me. And interviewing people vulnerable to the effects of COVID was new to me. So I started doing something uncomfortable and it’s turned into the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done.

“Today’s Talk with Erika” was born out of my urge to help people when the pandemic struck. I always have this constant urge to help people. And animals. So after being told for a decade that I should start a podcast and after contemplating it for a good part of five years… I started a podcast!

I always have new and exciting things in store for my followers. Guests are always fresh-faced and ready to tell their story or share their expertise. And I am beyond grateful for its success. I’m grateful to God first for bringing me here to this spot in my life. I’m grateful to my friend Brian Campbell for believing in me and making Today’s Talk with Erika part of Skyhawk Podcast Services and Skyhawk Radio. I’m grateful to my family and friends. And I look forward to serving everyone from now until forever. Stay tuned for some really great things. One day I’ll write a book.

You see, when I left my job as a traffic reporter, to some it seemed like ‘giving up.’ Thing is, the greatest thing occurred after that…
I now work for myself doing what I love every. single. day. WITHOUT THE BURNOUT!
I have never worked so hard in my life. I became Erika Del Sordo Productions, LLC. I don’t have a large corporation to fall back on anymore. There are no more ‘days off.’ Paid days off to be precise. And yet, I’m happier. I’m more productive. I’m doing better. I’m doing great things. And I didn’t give up. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.
So just when you think you’re ready to throw in the towel, throw in the towel, BUT reinvent yourself to include a better version of what it is you do that makes you happy.

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My career in voice work began in 2001. I have been “the voice” for hundreds of companies nationwide. I now record and produce projects for companies across the nation.

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