Podcasting 101

Starting a podcast was something that was never on my radar. Then the coronavirus was born, airborne to be exact, and so was my idea to begin an interview series that would help individuals and small businesses. Mine was ‘air born’ as well, but relating to ‘being on the air.’ This podcast has turned into so much more though than where I started.

So, Erika, what can I do to create my own podcast?

First, gather the proper equipment. I did not. I started out using string and glue. No, seriously… I began using my cell phone. Try to get yourself a decent quality webcam, semi-pro mic (unless you want to go super big straight outta the cannon) and software that allows you to edit video and audio. Then post, post, post away! Promo as best you can. And offer some promotional items to your biggest fans. (Today’s Talk with Erika t-shirts & tumblers coming soon.)

If you are serious about making your own podcast, I am in touch with some of the best in the biz and can help get you there. Contact me and we’ll talk about the weather, health and podcasts!

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My career in voice work began in 2001. I have been “the voice” for hundreds of companies nationwide. I now record and produce projects for companies across the nation.

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