Why do some people get the illness? Why do others not get it at all?

My latest show features Dawn Pino, a Mom, wife, nurse, avid car enthusiast and now… COVID-19 survivor. Although she is still battling the illness, I firmly believe that she’ll make a 100% recovery. Her faith in God is the strongest I’ve ever seen. As much as this woman has endured, she can survive anything.

So… this brings up something that I mentioned in her show. Why do some people get the illness? Why do others not get it at all? Why do some die? And others have nothing but anti-bodies? ‘Different folks, different strokes’ comes to mind. Dawn explains that there are different comorbidities that some may have and that right there is the difference! We all know that someone who has asthma is extremely likely to suffer with the illness. Diabetes patients are also susceptible.

In my latest show, Dawn Pino – COVID-19 Survivor, you can hear how the illness attacks different parts of the body at different times. How she felt like her body was possessed. And how she believes that, by the grace of God, her family did not catch this illness under the same roof. It will fascinate you as much as it fascinated me. And it’ll answer a whole lot of questions.

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