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My career in voice work began in 2001. I have been “the voice” for hundreds of companies nationwide. I now record and produce projects for companies across the nation.

Now on Today’s Talk with Erika, Alan Lazaros is one of the hosts of Next Level Podcast which has published more than 540 episodes (and counting). He is also a peak performance expert, speaker and fitness coach. Alan is lucky enough to be getting coached by both David Meltzer and Evan Carmichael.

Even as a young man, Alan has always been an achiever. He had a dream, a vision and the intention of pursuing all of those. He got accepted into the university of his dreams and pursued the life that he thought he wanted. He was the life of the party, he was someone who people wanted to be around, he had a good career going for him. But one fateful day, when he almost lost his life to a car accident, everything changed. He started questioning the life he was living… was this the legacy he wanted to leave behind?

That pivotal moment led Alan to personal development and the desire to become his next level self.

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