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My career in voice work began in 2001. I have been “the voice” for hundreds of companies nationwide. I now record and produce projects for companies across the nation.

In a powerful Today’s Talk with Erika… Jeancarlo Danies, who goes by JC, will inspire you like you’ve never been inspired before.
On February 2019 he received the worst news of his life. His cardiologist told him he has two years to live. His obesity, his emotional obsession with food and binge eating, was literally killing him. At 31 years old he weighed in at 431 pounds. He used a breathing machine to sleep because he would stop breathing over 100 times a night. He couldn’t walk, he couldn’t tie his shoes or even shower himself. And given that diagnosis, he has a four year old son he thought he would never see grow up.
In only 19 months, he went from almost dying, to losing 210 pounds, gaining muscle and winning the WBFF Bodybuilding Transformation Division Competition with no tummy tuck or cosmetic surgery of any kind. He qualified to compete in the World Competition in Las Vegas in August 2021.

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